On-Going Agent’s Training

Guaranteeing customer satisfaction is one of the top priorities of Live Chat. In accordance, we make sure that our clients receive the much-needed support they require to succeed in their respective niches. Since our service needs our chat agents to engage in conversation with the visitors on our clients’ websites, we train them thoroughly before they go live. This training and development program is where they learn about your organization as well as the industry to serve your visitors better. We make sure that the agents are prepared to handle all kinds of customer queries and only then assign them projects to handle.

If you are a newbie to our service and are skeptical about trying it, we request you to try the free trial. This version is limited for 7 days, which gives you the opportunity to get a detailed insight into out chat software features. Once you opt for our regular package, you get exclusive access to the features and can accordingly send requests for the better management of your site’s visitors. On our regular packages, we charge $1 per chat with a minimum contract of $149 per month. Moreover, we do not insist our customers for long-term commitment or month-to-month contracts.

Upon approaching us for services, we assign you a Dedicated Account Manager, who is responsible for handling your project as well as assign tasks to the chat agents. Before letting the agents go live, the DAM ascertains whether they have received the right training or not. The professional also guides the agents through the training, in the process providing the much-needed support and motivation. The agents receive guidance in all business niches, including pharmacy, insurance, and ecommerce. When you opt for our live chat package, you can be confident of receiving invaluable returns for your overall investment.

  • We make sure that our agents are trained concerning quality lead generation, too. When you enter the business, achieving effective sales and the highest ROI are two of your main goals. Our team of chat agents meets this goal efficiently.
  • By incorporating different ideas that they learned during training, the chat agents capture quality leads. Their familiarity with different niches is another benefit, as the experts successfully capture the right leads and pass them on to your online store.
  • At Live Chat, we use 100% white label solutions and train our agents in the same context. We help them understand the use of the live chat widget, its installation on the clients’ website, and its operation while chatting with the website’s visitors. This enables them to address the concerns of your customers round-the-clock.
  • The chat agents also maintain a detailed record of the chats they carry out with your site’s visitors. The DAM sends you the daily report comprising information such as the number of chats received, their duration, and transcript of the chats, to name a few.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question