Live Chat offers round-the-clock assistance in regards with addressing the concerns put forward by your website’s visitors. We have immense experience of being a part of the industry, which enables us to handle complications of any depth. Our chat agents are thoroughly trained in regards with answering queries for the technology and manufacturing department. From software companies to technical support providers and manufacturing operations, we serve all sections. If you are looking for one such service provider to handle your clients for you, approach us for assistance.

You must be well aware that your website is the best marketing tool you have. Shoppers desire buying products on the Internet rather than visiting the store physically. Imagine the amount of profits that you can bring by having a professional chat expert catering to every necessity of your visitor. We train our chat agents and station only the ones that specialize in certain niches. If you belong to the manufacturing industry, we will make sure that that you are assigned an expert representing this sector. We cater to all our clients’ necessities with the same level of professionalism, irrespective of which niche they belong to. At present, we serve customers in 20 different countries worldwide. Addressing their concerns is a staff of over one hundred full-time staff, which works in three different shifts.

We understand your skepticism about trying a new service. This is the reason why we offer you a 7 days free trial of our software. You can get it installed on your website and get a detailed insight into its varying features. Although the trial version may be restricted to certain features, once you buy a package, you get full access to the features list. When it comes to costs charged on our service, we assure keeping the rates marginal. Our affordable pricing includes $1 per chat with a minimum contract of $99 per month.

After you opt for our service package, we assign you a Dedicated Account Manager, who is responsible for handling your project and will address your concerns through email or Skype promptly. Through our service, your lead generation ability increases by 300%. All our agents have immense experience; from time to time, we recruit new chat agents and train them to make the tasks simpler. With their knowledge database ranging from insurance to ecommerce and pharmacy, the chat agents become the ideal source to address your visitors’ concerns. Live Chat declares that its strategies are authentic and as per the standards of the industry. The live chat widget that we install on your website will not only be fully functional, but will also complement the store’s appearance.

We make sure that you receive detailed reports of the chats carried out by our chat agents. You get information about the number of chats that we receive daily, the duration for which each chat was carried out, a personalized report, and many more. We also send an email message that comprises the transcript of the chat via an email instantly after completion of a chat. We encourage you to contact our support team for more information.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question