Sales Lead Capturing

Sales lead capturing is one of the most important concepts of business marketing. You cannot manage your sales without capturing them first. Live Chat assists you with this regard by providing the best round-the-clock service in the Internet marketing industry. To integrate this strategy into your marketing campaign, we utilize the best live chat software. Once we install the software, our experienced chat agents take over. We make sure that every new recruit in this department is trained to handle client queries of different kinds. By rendering their service, the agents manage to build client confidence and a higher client satisfaction rate for your brand.

When you succeed in gathering sales lead, it gives you the opportunity to contact them instantly. Our agents make use of different media sources Facebook as well as mobile devices and different websites. Before setting up a team, we make sure that individuals specializing in certain niches handle the particular industry. For example, if you belong to the healthcare industry and specifically the pharmacy department, we consign and coach the agents, who focus on the same. Through our service, you get the power of increasing your lead capturing ability by 300%.

The live chat service that we offer is a one of its kind and guarantees optimistic outcomes in the longer run. We allocate an experienced Dedicated Account Manager, who is responsible for managing your account and the sales leads that come along. They forward the leads along with the daily report that we send. Our company also signs a non-disclosure agreement with every customer that walks in through our office doors. This ensures that your visitors never come to know that we are managing your website in your name.

We have been serving the worldwide industry for close to a decade now and at present cater to the needs of clients from 20 different countries. Our staff includes 100+ employees, which functions full-time in three shifts. We request you to make available a customized script so that we can manage the requirements of your different visitors.

The sales lead capturing service offered by us at Live Chat guarantees generating effective leads and a high ROI. In order to find the right set of customers, we make sure to ask the right queries. Our familiarity with different niches is one of our best advantages, as it enables the agents to handle visitors without any inconvenience. From ecommerce to pharmacy and insurance, our agents possess the ability address the concerns of visitors belonging to varying niches.

If you are willing to invest in our services, feel free to get in touch with the customer support team. They are knowledgeable about the available packages and can provide related information to help you make an informed decision. When it comes to our package rates, we charge $1 per chat with the contact of $149 per month. By sourcing multiple alternatives, our agents track leads that might ideally fit in your client base. Take advantage of our offerings today.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question