Real Estate

The real estate industry has numerous subsections. Regardless of which sector you belong to, managing your customers is of the highest importance. We, at Live Chat, offer you the much-needed helping hand to manage your website’s visitors. Our agents are familiar with the complications that real estate professionals deal with on every day basis. We see to it that our agents become trained experts and are competent in handling visitors through email, phone, and web support. Customers prefer looking through the real estate properties on weekends; with this realization, we provide round-the-clock assistance to all customers, even if their office is closed.

Property management, brokerage and sales, and construction and builders are just some of the many areas of the real estate market. We invite customers from all sectors to affiliate with us and take advantage of our chat service. Since you have other important tasks at hand, you can leave the assignment of handling your clients to us. While catering to the needs of your website’s visitors, our agents become an extension of your office. As a part of the entire procedure, they demonstrate thorough professionalism by answering calls promptly and in your firm’s name. We also train our chat agents filter the non-critical calls and focus succinct messages. These messages are further forwarded to your email account or the mobile phone for verification.

To handle the projects of our customers, we designate them separate Dedicated Account Manager. You can get in touch with your DAM directly, if you have any concerns regarding your project. These individuals are also responsible for handling the entire team of chat agents and training them to address the concerns of the clients’ website visitors. We guarantee to offer only white label solutions that confirm proper communication with the customers. Our agents install the best live chat widget on your website. We declare that the widget with perfectly complement your website’s overall appearance without affecting it in any way. The visitors will never come to know that we are chatting on your behalf; our agents make sure to reply to visitors’ messages through your firm’s name.

Regardless of whether you belong to the development and investment or brokerage and sales sector, busy schedule is a part of the real estate industry. Live Chat shares your burden by offering non-stop assistance to visitors on your website. Make sure that you offer us with the scripts and answers to the FAQs so that our agents are not required to revert to you time and again. They training that we provide the chat agents makes a world of difference to your business. Give us the opportunity to handle your customer queries and we will make sure that a substantial amount of time is freed for you to focus on other important functions.

Our agents cater to your necessities even with regard to property management. Our agents can offer your visitors a detailed insight into the vacant spots. We see to it that the chat sessions are saved immediately and later sent to you along with the detailed report. Our packages are charged with a minimum contract of $99 per month with $1 per chat.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question