At Live Chat, our professionals are familiar about the varying requirements of different law firms and attorneys. They are also aware that this job requires special skills to handle clients better. We are a company that offers chat services to many legal firms from around the world. Through our services, you can efficiently grow your practice with top-notch client care. By managing your visitors’ calls professionally, we guarantee your satisfaction. Instead of letting the call go to voicemail, we answer the phone on your behalf and address the concerns of your website’s visitors.

As our company name suggests, we provide round-the-clock assistance to our clients. We have a 100+ full-time staff that works in three different shifts, at the same time taking care of your website’s visitors. We guarantee using the best live chat software to serve your visitors. You are not required to pay a single dime for the chat software, as it is already included in the service package. Since you are a website owner, one of your top priorities is to generate quality leads. We train our agents to answer the customer queries expertly, which in turn increases your lead capturing ability by 300%.

If you are concerned about who would manage your website, here is what you need to know. We assign you a Dedicated Account Manager, who designates your tasks among the chat agents. In case of any queries or concerns regarding the calls, feel free to get in touch with the DAM. The professionals will revert in a prompt manner through email or Skype. When you approach us for support, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. This is to confirm that your visitors never know that we are dealing with them on your behalf.

When it comes to handling legal clients, we make sure that our chat agents receive adequate training concerning related terms. Whether you specialize in personal injury, criminal law, family law, or corporate law, you can approach us confidently. We assign the tasks to agents, who are positive about addressing the concerns of your visitors in the most professional manner. From simple information requests to intricate legal intake forms qualifying clients, we can handle them all. All you are required to do is provide us scripts and write protocols that might help in handling each call in a better way.

If you are doubting about opting for our chat service, we request you to sign up for a free trial. This way, you can get a detailed insight into the features of the services offered by Live Chat. If you are certain about choosing our service, we will set up a live widget on your website. By installing the same, we not only provide our agents a platform to interact with your visitors, but also make sure that the widget matches the overall appearance of your store. We provide services to our clients wholeheartedly with the determination of improving their overall reputation in the industry. We assure that are services will bring immeasurable value for your overall investment.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question