Live Chat Transfer

While chatting with a website’s visitors, there comes a time when they do not have the answer to certain queries; it may also happen that the visitors desire to speak with the service provider directly. This is where our live chat transfer feature comes in handy. Live Chat makes it a point to ensure convenience of every individual they chat with by offering a wide range of facilities. The transfer and supervision features enable the agents to handle instances that require more knowledge and experience. Our professionals train our chat agents to maintain an in-depth record of all the chats they carry out. Besides that, they also preserve notes wherein a visitor might want to speak with a professional.

Our chat agents are available round-the-clock to address the queries of visitors who arrive at the customers’ websites. They manage the site actively, thanks to the three-shift program. Since our inception in 2006, Live Chat has served customers in 20 different countries. We have over a hundred full-time employees, who work diligently, in the procedure confirming satisfaction of all customers.

  • We understand that you might get a feeling of hesitation before choosing our service for the first time. In order to raise your confidence level in us, we provide a 7-days free trial of our live chat software. This is where you can get an insight into the live chat transfer feature, too.
  • Once you decide to choose our service package, we assign your project to a Dedicated Account Manager. This individual not only handles the project, but also keeps an eye on the tasks that the agents carry out. We assure that you do not have to pay extra for the chat software, as we include the costs in the package price.
  • Whether the agents carry out the chat themselves or opt for live chat transfer, their main aim is to capture quality leads. Through our service, your lead capturing ability increases radically, 300% to be precise.
  • We also sign a non-disclosure agreement with our clients, which ensures that your site’s visitors never know that we are serving them on your behalf.
  • You, as our customers, can be assured that all our solutions are 100% white label and our agents follow strict guidelines while speaking with your site’s visitors.

When it comes to costs, we charge $1 per chat with the minimum contract of $149 per month. You are not required to engage in long-term commitment or a month-to-month contract while choosing our service. You are free to liberate yourself of our service, whenever you deem it needed.

In case you have any questions regarding the packages or the pricing, feel free to get in touch with your Dedicated Account Manager. The professional will reply promptly to your queries through email or Skype. We make it a point to send a daily report of the chats that our agents carry out with your website’s visitors. If you need personalization on these reports, please put forward a request for the same.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question