Dedicated Account Manager

At Live Chat, we assign our clients a Dedicated Account Manager, who is responsible of handling client projects. This individual is an experienced professional and is knowledgeable about the packages that we offer. In case of any concerns or queries regarding the packages and pricing, feel free to get in touch with your DAM. The professionals will see to it that all your queries are answered promptly through email or Skype.

We assure that the chat agents, who manage your website, are experienced professionals. We train them thoroughly and get them acclimatized to strategies involved in handling different kinds of customers. They are also trained to provide authentic information about the offerings that the service providers render. Over time, the agents learn different ways to handle individual visitors as well as groups. Moreover, it does not matter whether yours is a small or large organization; these individuals can handle projects of all sizes. Since their knowledge database ranges from insurance to ecommerce and pharmacy, they possess the ability to cater to the varying demands of their customers. In the procedure, they successfully exceed their expectations.

The Dedicated Account Manager is also responsible for the task of quality lead generation and offering support to their clients. In order to achieve higher sales and ROI, generating quality lead is imperative. They make sure that agents are trained proficiently to handle the website visitors of their clients. Their familiarity with different niches enables the chat agents to capture the ideal leads and pass them on to your website. Once you receive the leads, feel free to contact the leads and find yourself on the way to locating potential clients and customers.

When you opt for professional solutions, one of your main priorities is for the service to be of the highest quality. We guarantee the same, as all our lead generation solutions are white label. In order to ensure effective communication with your website’s visitors, we install the industry’s best live chat widget on your online store. This not only keeps our agents in regular touch with all visitors, but also complements the appearance of you website perfectly. Since our agents are trained to operate in our clients’ name, visitors will never understand that we are addressing their concerns on your behalf. For the visitors, it will be your representative, who provides the much-needed support for selecting the ideal products.

In order to confirm our clients’ contentment further, we charge affordable rates on the packages. We charge $1 per chat along with a minimum contract of $149 per month. You can be assured that our chat agents do not insist clients to engage in long-term business relations. They also do not make you subject to month-to-month contracts, which are oftentimes expensive. Our services are the most lucrative in the industry. If you are skeptical about certain aspects of our package features, feel free to contact the Dedicated Account Manager. The DAM will make sure that all your queries are answered professionally, in the procedure helping you to come to a conclusive decision.

Engage your customers using proactive chat

We make it easy for you to automate chats. This lets you reach out and talk to customers before they even ask a question